Sunday, July 8, 2012

Alright With Okay

How many times have we heard, "it's alright, you did your best?"  How many times do we use that simple excuse to be complacent, to be alright with okay?

But what if we didn't try our best?  What if we didn't give it our all?  Is it then still fine to be happy with where we are?  Why do we strive so hard in somethings, but we exercise minimal effort with what truly matters?

Complacency leads to nowhere.  You stay where you are.  It's like running on a hamster wheel, exerting so much energy, yet not moving an inch.  Would this energy be better used elsewhere instead of feeding the nothingness of complacency?  Imagine if the hamster wheel was attached to a light bulb so that the energy exerted on the wheel could power it?  This would be so much more useful.  

Okay means average, but intertwined in average is the ability to be above-average.  And for this very reason, okay should not be okay.  No one should be alright with okay.  God gave us a purpose in life, and being alright with okay, is not alright.  Never.

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